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City to Start Enforcing Sidewalk Cycling Laws

City to Start Enforcing Sidewalk Cycling Laws

Department of Transportation (DOT) is urging the public to abide by traffic regulations when cycling on sidewalks. A crackdown on bike riders who violate traffic rules is well underway.

According to DOT, bicycles are classified as slow-moving vehicles. Article 124 of Rules on Road Traffic Safety stipulates that cyclists should keep to the right whether on slow-moving vehicle lanes or roadways without designated slow-moving vehicle lanes.

In accordance with Article 90 of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks. However, “ roadway authorities may, as long as it does not impact safe passage or result in traffic concerns, set up right of way for slow-moving vehicles on sidewalks by signs or markings when necessary.”

In the event that “the driver of a slow-moving vehicle fails to yield to pedestrians on walkways indicated by signs or markings to allow slow-moving vehicles to drive, he or she shall be fined from NT$300 to NT$600,” according to Article 74 of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act.

DOT noted that the City has implemented Nanjing, Songjiang, Fuxing, Xinyi, among other cycling trails, as part of its bid to create a safe environment for bicycle riders. Campaigns have been launched since January this year to promote rules and regulations governing bikes across the City’s cycling paths and walkways with designated bike lanes.

A video clip on the etiquette of cycling ( is being aired on digital screens at department store, theaters, convenience stores, YouBike stations, libraries, and other channels. Traffic safety lectures have also been held at communities, schools, health centers, and logistics companies.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government