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Mayor Speaks Highly of AMRT, Urges for Integration of Airports

Mayor Speaks Highly of AMRT, Urges for Integration of Airports

Mayor Ko Wen-je lauded the extension of the “capital circle” with the launch of Taoyuan International Airport MRT (AMRT) and made a case for the integration of Taoyuan and Songshan airports while attending the inauguration ceremony for the AMRT on March 2.

According to Ko, the commencement of the new mass rapid transit line not only signals a more closely connected relationship between Taoyuan and Taipei, but also allows for facilitated check-in at A1 Taipei Main Station for passengers traveling aboard.

Taking over 20 years to complete, the AMRT can be attributed to the effort by a great number of unsung heroes, noted Ko. On its part, Taipei City Government has hastened the implementation of the Beimen-centered West District Gateway Project, which is slated for completion in June. Visitors who ride the AMRT and alight at Taipei Main Station will be greeted with a brand-new landscape.

Speaking of methods on maximizing the use of the new mass transit line, the mayor pointed out that the capacity of Taoyuan Airport—40 million visitors a year--should be taken into consideration for the development of AMRT. However, MRT systems should not be the only answer to traffic problems, stressing the importance of coordinating other public transportation resources such as roads and railways.

Regarding the issue of AMRT’s expedited check-in service having yet to include all airlines, Ko pointed out that economies of scale is the main concern and that there is still room for improvement. Nevertheless, the service has delivered satisfying performance on the first day of operation.

Taoyuan Mayor Chen Wen-tsan echoed Ko by pointing out that more tests will be conducted across the AMRT network to locate any possible shortcomings, such as drain pipe leaks. These problems will be dealt with accordingly.

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