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Glowworm Release Continues in Effort to Populate Daan Forest Park

Glowworm Release Continues in Effort to Populate Daan Forest Park

The Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) is working with the Friends of Daan Forest Park Foundation to release young glowworms and river snails into the small eco pond at Daan Forest Park, hoping to recreate a past that has gone missing for over 25 years.

According to PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan, Taipei City is the first in the world to experience success in implementing a firefly restoration program in urban settings. In recent years, the City implemented numerous efforts to resurrect local firefly populations, including projects at Cui Lake in Muzha Park, the eco pond in Rongxing Park, and the eco pond at Daan Forest Park – all habitats in urban areas for the firefly species Luciola ficta .

The restoration attempt at Daan Forest Park involves the combined efforts of the Daan Forest Park Foundation, the city government, and the Department of Entomology at National Taiwan University.

Director Yang Shu-hui of the Youth Park Management Office remarked that the remaining water bodies located inside what is today’s Daan Forest Park used to be the living grounds for a small number of Luciola ficta.

The success of the firefly restoration project demonstrates the City’s commitment to our environment. In the future, species restoration efforts will be extended to cover indigenous species spanning Muller’s barbet, crested hawk, tree frog, and rhinoceros beetle.

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