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DSW Launches Online Platform for Better Use of Relief Supplies

DSW Launches Online Platform for Better Use of Relief Supplies

The Department of Social Welfare (DSW) has launched the “Relief Supplies Donation Map” pilot program to time with the 2017 Minan 3 and Summer Universiade disaster prevention drill.

An online platform has been established for the project in collaboration with the online community g0v, seeking to provide the public with the latest information regarding the availability, shortage, or oversupply of relief materials. The approach aims to increase the efficiency of relief management and facilitate delivery of supplies to the displaced in the event of major disasters.

DSW invites members of the pubic to participate in the initiative by accessing the website ( between March 1 and 10. They will help test the features and functions of the website while assisting the Garden of Hope Foundation to collect relief supplies for the disadvantaged.

The “Relief Supplies Donation Map” pilot program will involve the following: DSW will first post instant information on what’s needed on the website. Those who would like to help can visit the page to check the status of relief item stock and select the category and amount they wish to donate. Follow the instructions on the website and send the goods to designated locations. Upon confirmation, collectors will email donation receipts to the donators.

All goods will be delivered to the distribution center on the day of the drill, after which the relief supplies will be managed by the Garden of Hope Foundation and dispatched to those with needs.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government