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CKS Shilin Residence Flower Exhibition Spotlights Orchids

CKS Shilin Residence Flower Exhibition Spotlights Orchids

Wondering where to spend the 228 holiday long weekend? Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO) invites the public to seize the last opportunity to visit the CNY Flowers Exhibition at CKS Shilin Residence.

CKS Shilin Residence Park is Taipei’s first ecological park and a popular tourist attraction of Taiwan, PSLO Director Huang Li-yuan reckoned. As an island which has earned a reputation as an “orchid kingdom,” indigenous orchids take center stage at the Park’s CNY Flower Exhibition every year.

The exhibition boasts more than 400 seasonal plants in over 20 varieties, spanning moth orchids, daffodils, Kalanchoe, Kumquat trees, and bonsais. In addition, CKS Shilin Residence has heralded spring with vibrant life everywhere. Residents are invited to take a stroll in the Park to immerse themselves in the midst of rose and plum blossoms.

CNY Flower Exhibition
Date and Time: 8:30 AM – 5 PM, January 28 – February 28
Location: New Orchid Pavilion at CKS Shilin Residence Park
Address: No. 60, Fulin Rd.
MRT: Exit 2 of MRT Shilin Station, a 7-minute walk
Bus Stops: Taipower Taipei North Branch, CKS Shilin Residence, or Xiaobei Street

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