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City News

Embark on VR Tour of City Landmarks at 2017 Smart City Expo

Embark on VR Tour of City Landmarks at 2017 Smart City Expo

As a highlight of the 2017 Smart City Expo now taking place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, the “VR City Cultural Guide” featured at the Taipei City Government Booth has drawn great interest from visitors.

The immersive virtual reality tours spotlight tourist attractions including Beitou Hot Spring Museum, Sin Hong Choon tea house, Zhongshan Hall Taipei Lecture, Hall, and Sun Yun-suan Memorial Museum. Individuals who put on the VR headset will be able to take a dip in the famed Beitou hot spring, sip tea at the city’s former tea factory while learning about tea production techniques, as well as exploring the rich Chinese culture and humanities in a refined atmosphere at the historic building of Zhongshan Hall.

Through the employment of 3D surrounding and VR technologies, coupled with text, graphic, and audio markings, visitors will experience a merging of the real and the virtual of the living culture of Taipei. The approach also serves to promote city tourism.

According to Department of Information Technology (DOIT) Commissioner Lee Wei-bin, Taipei has strived to develop smart services through public-private partnership in an attempt to address urban problems with technology and at the same time seek to strengthen the relationship between residents and the city’s cultural treasure.

The virtual reality applications have also been used, through teaming up with startups, for educational purposes that allow users to study chemistry, biology, geology, and other otherwise dull subjects in a more vivid and interesting method.

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  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government