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Mayor Visits Taipei Travel Plaza, Inspects Progress of West District Gateway Project

Mayor Visits Taipei Travel Plaza, Inspects Progress of West District Gateway Project

Following the “dismantling” stage climaxing with the removal of Zhongxiao Bridge ramp last year, the West District Gateway Project is entering the stage of “rebuilding” this year. Mayor Ko Wen-je made his first trip to the Airport MRT on February 15 to personally experience the first view of Taipei Traval Plaza after exiting the A1 exit of the line.

According to Director Huang Li-yuan of the Parks and Street Lights Office (PSLO), the West District Gateway Project comprises the overhaul of the section starting from North Gate to Taipei Railway Station and all the way to the site of former Taipei City Council.

PSLO inaugurated the Taipei Travel Plaza prior to the Chinese New Year holiday and ahead of the official opening of the Airport MRT. It also continues to work on the renovation of the area surrounding North Gate, which is slated for completion by mid-July.

According to Chief Hung Feng-chin of PSLO Public Works Section, the Jiao-6 Plaza was officially named the “Taipei Travel Plaza” after reaching the decision through i-voting. From this location, individuals will be able to take in the surrounding landscape comprising North Gate, Taipei Railway Station, station-front commercial area, and National Taiwan Museum. It also serves as a green “living room” for visitors from other areas of Taiwan when they transit to other areas within the city parameters.

The plaza is also within walking distance from other historical sites such as Qing Dynasty’s Machinery Bureau and Futai Street Mansion; and Japanese Colonial Era’s Railway Ministry, Taipei Post Office, OSK (Osaka Shosen Kaisha) Taipei Office, and Mitsui Warehouse.

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