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2017 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

2017 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival

Date: January 13 – 26, 2017
Venues: Dihua Street Commercial District, Ningxia Commercial District, Station Rear Commercial District, Yuanling Street Commercial District, Taipei City Mall, Huayin Street Commercial District, Siping Commercial District, and Rongbin Commercial District.

With the Lunar New Year around the corner, are you wondering where to purchase the goods you’ll need for the upcoming holidays? Whether you are looking for holiday decorations to furnish your home or the ingredients for the hearty New Year’s Eve dinner, the commercial districts participating in the 2017 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival are great places to start your Chinese New Year shopping spree!

Egg-shaped good fortune moneyMayor to Hand out 'Good Fortune Money'

The visual of the 2017 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival boasts a golden rooster lifting its wings, with feathers extended against the wind. The image symbolizes rich harvests for the entire year.

Now in its tenth year, the primary theme will be the rooster and the round egg, symbolizing smooth and full. The good fortune money created to resemble a 3-dimensional egg hopes to share good will and prosperity for the New Year with citizens. The gift will be handed out at respective times at the participating commercial districts (see table 1).

Chinese New Year Street Bazaar (Photo Credit: TCOOC Faceboook fan page)Eight Commercial Districts, 107 Stores for Lunar New Year Shopping

In addition to the New Year Street Bazaar at Dihua Street, seven other districts will be taking part in the holiday shopping season, including Rongbin, Station Rear, Huayin Street, Taipei City Mall, Ningxia, Yuanling Street, and Siping Street, commercial districts to maximize the consumers’ choices for their shopping trips.

This year’s guide book for the festival includes fun tests to help shoppers decide which commercial districts fit their best interest. Furthermore, scanning the QRcodes in the pamphlet will grant consumers access to a number of coupons and bargains at participating shops. Deals span bonuses for shoppers spending a given amount of money at selected shops to straight-forward discounts.

Mini-trips and Fun for International Tourists

For expats, exchange students, migrant workers, new immigrants, and international tourists looking for a taste of Lunar New Year in Taiwan and the hospitality of locals, over 200 cities across Taipei have taken part in the city government’s “Friendly Shop” campaign, offering a range of visitor-friendly services such as language assistance (English, Japanese, or Korean), wireless internet connection, barrier-free access, charging of mobile devices, and restroom access. These stores can be identified with respective sticker labels at the storefront. There are 22 “Friendly Shops” in Datong District taking part in the 2017 Lunar New Year Festival.

Furthermore, to allow foreigners to learn more about the Lunar New Year Tradition, the organizers will hold guided tours for international friends, taking them on a trip highlighting the development of Dadaocheng and the traditions of the New Year. Those who do not have time to attend the set tours can visit URS44 Dadocheng Visitor Information Center to make their own custom Lunar New Year greeting cards and send them to their friends and families back home.

To register for hands-on events and tours, those interested can visit the Facebook fan page of Taipei City Office of Commerce ( for more information.

Mayor Ko kicks off CNY activities with Universiade mascot Bravo.

To welcome visitors, URS44 will also organize fun Lunar New Year-related activities. Those taking part in the event will have a chance of bringing home small gifts such as luggage tags and disposable heat pads!

Table 1: Good Fortune Money Giveaway Schedule

Commercial District/:Location

Date and Time


Dihua, Ningxia:
Dihua - Yongle Plaza
Ningxia – Ningxia/Minsheng W. Rd. intersection

Jan. 18 (Wed.)


Taipei City Mall, Huayin St., Station Rear:
Taipei City Mall – No. 12 Plaza
Station Rear - Nostalgia Plaza
Huayin Street – Puji Temple

Jan. 20 (Fri.)


Rongbin (Between Alley 2 and Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzhu E. Road)

Jan. 22 (Sun.)

Note: Date and Time may be changed depending on actual circumstances.

Table 2: Participating Commercial Districts and Dates

Commercial Districts




The most-well preserved commercial district from the early ages of Taipei. Used to be the center of trade for tea leaves, cloth, trade goods, and Chinese medicine. The must-visit market for Lunar New Year shopping for many people,


Taipei City Mall

The base of creativity and youth vitality, Taipei City Mall boasts shops spanning fashion, electronics, games, and gatchapon. It is frequented by office workers and those looking for unique merchandises.

Today – Feb.19

Siping Street

The “Lady’s Street” offers a wide selection of accessories, fashion, and daily goods. The entire district consists of pedestrian zones – an ideal place for simply window shopping and for afternoon teas.

Today – Feb.11

Station Rear

This commercial district includes shops offering trendy accessories, goods for day-to-day life, DIY materials, and wrapping papers! The variety and affordable price attracts students and office workers shopping for bargains.


Huayin St.

Easily identified from the heavy smell of leather, this commercial district is known for wholesale of leather product. It is also a place to look for cosmetics and beauty products.


Yuanling St.

Yuanling Street is well-known for master shoemakers and artisans. Their attention to details and quality products makes shops of the commercial district a place to go gentlemen, ladies, and parents seeking to buy the first pair of dress shoes for their kids.



Otherwise known as the “Stomach of Taipei,” Ningxia is known for the great selection of Taiwanese delicacies. With a number of vendors who have over 50 years of history, this place is the home of many well-known eateries, and one of the favorites for gourmets both local and foreign.



The “Kitchen of Starred Hotels,” Rongbin Commercial District offers fresh seafood, fresh vegetables, dried goods, and even cooked food! The market combines the characteristics of both traditional marketplaces and modern convenience stores.


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