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Japanese Factory Holds Inauguration Ceremony for Taichung MRT Trains

Japanese Factory Holds Inauguration Ceremony for Taichung MRT Trains

The Department of Rapid Transit Systems unveiled the prototype train – one of the key elements of the Taichung MRT (CMRT) Green Line – during a press conference in Japan on January 10.

Deputy Commissioner Yu of DORTS presided over the ceremony at the Hyogo Factory of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI). During his speech, he expressed his gratitude to the team at the company for meeting the professional-level demand from DORTS, ensuring a mass transit system that is safe, comfortable and convenient for Taichung.

According to DORTS, KHI has taken part in the production of trains for several MRT lines, including those running on the Tamsui Line, Xinzhuang Line, Luzhou Line, Xinyi Line, and Songshan Line.

The CMRT Green Line will consist of a driverless transit system, each train consisting of 2 carriages. There is an aisle in each carriage to allow passengers to walk. The appearance of the car is based on the concept of “Sprouting Seedlings” and the interior design focusing on “bright, simple, and light.” The modern looks and clean lines of the train, combined with the bright-color furnishing demonstrate the finest of Japanese craftsmanship.

The first shipment of the trains is slated for arrival at the Beitun Depot of the CMRT Green Line in mid-February. A total of 17 trains will arrive at the depot by the end of the year and will be tested and certified after servicing.

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