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Mayor Presides over Universiade Golden Wedding Ceremony

Mayor Presides over Universiade Golden Wedding Ceremony

Describing both events as once in a lifetime, Mayor Ko Wen-je presided over the “Universiade: Wedding of the Century” ceremony at the Daan District Office on January 7.

The ceremony invited four centenarians and golden wedding couples from Daan District. In addition to congratulating the elders, Ko also pointed out that the Universiade is like golden wedding anniversaries – both are once-in-a-lifetime events and hard to come by. He hopes that citizens will support the upcoming Universiade, allowing Taiwan to enter the global stage and present the city before the international community.

Ko served as the witness for the centenarians and golden wedding anniversary couples. He also presented them each with a set of Universiade souvenirs, helping the guests put on the Bravo Universiade goodwill ambassador sash. He also invited the guests to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the international sports event.

The mayor noted that in 2017, the Summer Universiade in Taipei will take place between August 19 and 30. The motto of the Universiade is “Let Taiwan Walk Out, Let the World Walk in, Let the World See Taiwan.” However, what do we want to show the world?

There is a saying that Taiwan’s most beautiful landscape is its people. He hopes that during the Universiade, the international community will be able to witness the friendliness and hospitality of Taiwan’s populace. It is pointless for the government to hold advertisement campaigns. It is necessary to mobilize the citizens of Taipei to host the visiting athletes and guests.

He noted that Daan District is responsible for hosting guests from countries in Europe and along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. As the city’s district with a population of relatively high social status and high levels of education, assigning the most civilized region of Earth’s modern civilization to Daan District seems to be a perfect match.

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