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New Gorilla “D’jeeco” Meets the Public at Taipei Zoo

New Gorilla “D’jeeco” Meets the Public at Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo held a press conference to introduce the King Kong gorilla “Diego D’jeeco” on January 7.

The 18-year-old male gorilla hails from Opole Zoo in Poland. The gorilla has taken up residence in the Africa Zone at Taipei Zoo. D’jeeco will join Bao-bao, the thirty-year-old Western Lowland gorilla at Taipei Zoo.

During his address, Mayor Ko Wen-je noted that guests from the European Endangered Species Conservation Planning Commission visited Taipei Zoo in 2012. Following proactive efforts on the part of Taipei City, it was finally included in the gorilla conservation plans of the organization in 2015. The organization is responsible for conservation plans, adjustments, and breeding plans, ensuring the survival of these endangered animals.

Ko remarked that the home of the gorillas is Africa. These animals are affected by the rapid expansion of human living habitats. To make matters worse, deposits of rare earth are also discovered in the natural habitat of the gorillas, furthering straining their environment due to mining attempts.

In addition to welcoming the new member to the Taipei Zoo, the mayor also called upon the public to take part in the electronic product recycling event to help gorilla conservation efforts. Through resource recycling, the public will be able to help discourage development plans for the habitats of gorillas.

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