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2012 SEAZA Education Workshop - Bat Conservation

  • Source: Taipei City Government
  • Date: 2012/4/23
We are pleased to announce that Taipei Zoo will be holding a workshop for zoo educators on bat conservation at Taipei Zoo from May 2 to 4, 2012. This workshop is only open to zoo educators working in Southeast Asian Countries.

Taipei Zoo will invite the world’s bat experts from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the USA to share their experience on the conservation of this mammal. In addition, the courses will involve physical examination of bats, bats’ house assembling, baby bat care, etc. On the final day of the workshop, we will also arrange an ecotour.

To find out more about the workshop, please contact Taipei Zoo at 02-2938-2300, ext.519.

Information on bats is also available at the website of “Bats at Taipei Zoo”:

Source: Taipei Zoo

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  • Source: Taipei City Government