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Taipei Circle Trail: Cruising the Riverfront and Mountainside on Wheels

Taipei Circle Trail: Cruising the Riverfront and Mountainside on Wheels

Already boasting numerous riverside bike trails along its parameters, Taipei City is proud to announce that the construction of the “last mile” has been completed.

Starting in 2012, cyclists will be able to ride a circle around the city without having to worry about cutting their way through busy intersections.

The around-the-city path – “Taipei Circle Trail” – covers a total distance of 58.8 km, and offers different road conditions for cycling – from flat pavement paths to roads with some steepness.

2012 cycling_22012 cycling_3

The trail begins on the east side of the city near the intersection of Xizhi and Nangang. It goes as far as Taipei Zoo to the south (Daonan Riverside Park) and travels along the shore of Keelung River, Tamsui River, Xindian River, and Jingmei River.

The planning for a comprehensive bicycle trail system allowing cyclists to enjoy leisure riding began in 1997. Taking nearly a decade-and-a-half, the ambition has finally been realized with the linking up of several bike trails – including ones crossing city roads and ones along riverfronts – to create today’s Taipei Circle Trail.

The final section of the “grand” trail, which cuts through the more mountainous part of the city in the southeastern corner, is one of moderate difficulty attracting intermediate to advanced cyclists.

For details of Taipei Circle Trail, please refer to the box below:






Daonan Riverside Park(Taipei Zoo)→ Muzha Riverside Park → Jingmei Riverside Park → Fuhe Riverside Park → Guting Riverside Park → Zhongzheng Riverside Park → Machangding Riverside Park → Huazhong Riverside Park → Shuangyuan Riverside Park → Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park → Longshan Riverside Park → Yanping Riverside Park → Bailing Riverside Park → Dajia Riverside Park → Yinfeng Riverside Park → Guanshan Riverside Park → Chengmei Riverside Park → Nanhu Riverside Park → Ji-1 Evacuation Gate


City Area

Ji-1 Evacuation Gate → Gangdong St. → Nangang Rd. Sec. 1 → Academia Rd. Sec. 1 → Fukang St. Lane 1 → Dakeng Riverside Rd. (Chengzheng Pumping Station to Nanshen Bridge) → Sifen Riverside Rd. (Nanshen Bridge to China University of Science and Technology;including Academia Rd.)→ Academia Rd. Sec. 3, Sec. 4 → Fude Public Cemetery Park Rd.(including Fudekeng Eco Park)→ Muzha Rd. Sec. 5→Xinguan Rd. Sec. 2→ Daonan Riverside Park(Taipei Zoo)


The following sections are mountainous roads – Academia Road sections 3 and section 4 (4.5 km), Fude Public Cemetery Park Road (including Fudekeng Eco Park which covers about 4.3 km). The highest elevation of the mountain section of the trail is the end of Academia Road section 4, measuring 190m above sea level.

2012 cycling_1

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