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2012 Yangmingshan Flower Festival – Admire the Beauty of Flowers in Taipei’s Back Garden

2012 Yangmingshan Flower Festival – Admire the Beauty of Flowers in Taipei’s Back Garden

The warm weather awakens the city from its chilly repose. As spring approaches, the time is ripe again to appreciate the beauty and liveliness of flowers in full bloom.

Yangmingshan is the back garden of Taipei city, populated by a wide range of flowers such as cherry blossoms, azalea, camellia, peach blossoms, just to name a few. Between the months of January and May, different flowers come to full bloom in turns.

The annual Yangmingshan Flower Festival will start on Friday, February 17. This year’s festival will run for 31 days, ending on Sunday, March 18.

The 2012 Yangmingshan Flower Festival will be in full swing all around Taipei City—at Chiang Kai-shek Shilin Residence, Shuangxi Park, Lin Yu-tang House, Floriculture Experiment Center, Qianshan Park, and Yangming Park.

The city government welcomes everyone to attend the grand opening program, on Friday, February 17 at Yangming Park. Come enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Taipei in bloom!

Public Transportation:
Passengers have a choice on which public bus they want to take to Yangmingshan. These include Route 260 (from Dongyuan to Yangmingshan), 230 (from MRT Beitou Station to Yangmingshan), and Red 5 (from MRT Jiantan Station to Yangmingshan). To avoid traffic jams, visitors are advised to take public transportation if possible.

2012 Yangmingshan_1

Traffic Information:

A. Traffic Control:For details on traffic control-related issues, pleas call Traffic Engineering Office at 2759-9741.

During the Flower Season, traffic control will be enforced along Yangde Boulevard. Vehicles entering the Yangmingshan area on the weekends will be checked at Fuxing Bridge from 6 AM to 4 PM. The checkpoint for city-bound traffic is located at Lane 43 of Yangming Road, Section 1, from noon to 6 PM.

B. Traffic Information: For Bus Route Inquiry Service, please call 0800-223-650.

1. Special bus services to Yangmingshan (available on weekends during the Flower Season)
‧ Route 126: Taipei Main Station – Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot
‧ Route 127: MRT Jiantan Station – Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot
‧ Route 128: MRT Shipai Station – Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot
‧ Route 129: MRT Beitou Station –Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot
‧ Route 130: Flower Clock Area –Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot
‧ Route 131: Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot – Zhuzihu

2012 Yangmingshan_2

2. Regular bus services (available daily)
‧ Route 260: Dongyuan – Yangmingshan
‧ Route 260 (local district): Taipei Main Station – Yangmingshan
‧ Red 5: MRT Jiantan Station – Yangmingshan
‧ Route 230: MRT Beitou Station – Yangmingshan
‧ Route 535: MRT Shipai Station – Liuku
3. Weekend and holiday bus services
‧ Route 108: Park tour bus (available daily during the Flower Season)
‧ Route 109: Gongguan – Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot (available on weekends and holidays)
‧ Route 111: Xinzhuang –Yangmingshan Second Parking Lot (available on weekends and holidays)

2012 Yangmingshan_3 C. Parking Information: (Please direct parking inquiries to Parking Management Office: 2759-0666 ext. 6115)
1. Flower Clock Area Parking Lot: Reserved for public buses and handicapped drivers
2. Multiple-story Parking Lot: For small vehicles and motorcycles
3. Second Parking Lot: Reserved for large vehicles. Small vehicles and motorcycles are prohibited from parking here.
4. Zhongshan Building: For large vehicles; available only on holidays
5. Parking and Transfers: The city government suggests that visitors park their vehicles at either the parking lot of Taipei Municipal Bailing Senior High School (next to the Shilin Night Market) or the Shilin Night Market parking lot. They can then take buses such as Red 5, Route 111, 126, or 127 to Yangmingshan.

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