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2010 Taipei Street Artists Carnival

  • Source: Taipei City Government
  • Date: 2010/10/11
Date & Time: October 9 – 10; 3 PM – 6 PM
Location: Taipei Water Park (Plaza in front of Tourist Service Center, Water Lab Plaza, and Water Garden)
Address: No. 1, Siyuan Street, Taipei City

Over 30 groups of street artist will be performing at the event. Musicians playing saxophone, guitar, jazz, piano, organ, ocarina, Chinese flute, and Bau will entertain the audience; you can also listen to melodies of beat box, singing, rap, Taiko, etc.

Spectators will also have a chance to watch shows featuring modern street circus, yo-yo tricks, street magic, flamenco, and ethnic dance.

Taipei Water Park can be reached either by driving or taking public transport.

Public Transportation information:
2010 Taipei Street Artists Carnival Transportation

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  • Source: Taipei City Government