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MAO Organizes Sales Promotion Events at Muxin Market

  • Source: Taipei City Government
  • Date: 2010/6/15

When: June 19(Saturday)

Where: Muxin Market ( Address: No.4, Ln. 310, Sec. 3, Muxin Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116)

Contact Info: 2388-8610 (Task force of the Taipei Traditional Market Festival)

Activity Schedule
Time Agenda
10:10AM ~ 11AM

Bidding with NT$1 starting price

Products available for bidding included chicken meat, fried pork flakes, fish ball, red wine, fruits, vegetables, sausages and more.

9AM ~ 11AM Wine tasting: beer & rice made Sake

Individuals who spent over NT$200 at the market could pick up a shopping bag from the vendors.

Participants could pick up a pen at the service counter with the limited supply of 3,000.



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  • Source: Taipei City Government