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CKS Shilin Residence Park ~ ~Lady Slipper Orchid Show

  • Source: Parks & Street Lights Office
  • Date: 2010/4/6

Lady Slipper Orchid Show is held from April 2-April 11,2010 daily 8 am to 17 pm at the Horticulture Exhibition Hall of CKS Shilin Residence Park by Taipei City Government Works Parks Department. 70 varieties of lady slipper orchids and native orchids are displayed.
They are characterised by the slipper-shaped pouches (modified labellums) of the flowers. Their common features are two fertile diandrous (that is, with two perfect stamens) anthers, a shield-shaped staminode and a saccate (sac-shaped) lip. The shape of the flower is strange, color of the flower is exotic, and it is quite easy to cultivate, therefore is popular among orchid enthusiasts.
Among them, the most representative of the slipper orchids ─ Paph.armeniacum, is China's most famous native species, has a very beautiful yellow flower-shaped, Paph.micranthum is a typical orchid Paphiopedilum species which grow on rocks or stone.
In the native orchids, Bulb.taiwanense, which is endemic in eastern Taiwan, Hengchun, flowering in spring and summer, is very easy to grow.
Onc.papilio, the moth-shaped is eye-catching. The biggest feature is the tall slender flower stalk . As long as the stalk is not cut, it will bloom all year round and thus attract attention of orhid enthusiasts.
Kingidium braceanum, flowering in spring and early summer, with fragrance, almost leafless before flowering.
Explore the secret of lady slipper orchid here, it’s amazing.

CKS Shilin Residence Park :

1. MRT Tamsui Line to the Shilin Station (Exit 2), 8 mins by foot.
2. Bus No. 260, 285, 606, 220 at Taiwan Power Company Taipei North Branch.

Paph.armeniacumPaph.micranthum Bulb.taiwanense
Paph.armeniacumPaph.micranthum Bulb.taiwanense
Paph.LebeauD × rothschildianum Paph.malipoense Bulb.maximun
Paph.LebeauD × rothschildianum
Paph.malipoense Bulb.maximun
Kingidium braceanum Onc.papilio Bulb.maximun
Kingidium braceanum Onc.papilio Bulb.maximun
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  • Source: Parks & Street Lights Office