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About Nangang District

About Nangang District


Nangang is located at the south shore of the Keelung River. There was a place called "Beigang"(the north port) in Sijhih District before, so the south side of it called "Nangang"(the south port). Nangang area was included into Taipei City in July, 1968 and became one of the 12 administration districts of Taipei City. Nangang area was assigned to be the industrial area by the former government of Taiwan Province. Now Nangang is not an industrial polluted area, but an important center of technology and humanity. Actually, Nangang was famous of its agriculture. Jiuzhuang Tea Mountain is the origin of the Baozhong Tea. The history of planting osmanthus in Nangang area is as long as the planting Baozhong tea because the osmanthus was the important flavor material of making Jasmine tea. The tourists could not only visit the tea gardens and taste the Baozhung tea, but also taste the special cruisines made from osmanthus with the beautiful view on Jiuzhuang mountain.


Nangang Population and Gender Ratio (Chinese)


21.8424 square kilometers.


From 1886 to 1892, Tamsui County map showed Nangang district. In 1887, Tamsui County map also showed "Nangang Kou" - Refer to Taipei city record document. After WWII, it was changed to be under NeiHu village, Chi Sing District, Taipei County. In July 6 1946 applied to separated the district from NeiHu Township and Nangang Township was formed. Up to 1967 and during the second year when Taipei city revised their system the district was changed to Taipei city Nangang district


According to the policy of the renewal constructions plan of the old communities by Taipei City Government, processing the urban renewal with non-government forces. Making Nangang district to become a city of technology and humanity.
Public and private infrastructures such as office buildings, shopping and leisure facilities gather various international exhibit activities in Nagang Software Park and TWTC Nangang Exhibition halls.
Nankang, with the joint construction of the three railway systems (Taiwan Railway, MRT and THSRC), combining the MRT Loop Network, Jihe Express Way, National Freeway No.3 and National Freeway No.5 , became the important traffic junction of Taipei Metro Area.
Now Nangang is developing leisure agriculture with nature view, convenient hiking trail and special tea garden.

Tourism District Office Overview

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