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About Daan District

About Daan District


Daan PicsCultural and educational area, Residential area, Entertainment area, Shopping area, Food service.
Daan District has developed some distinctive areas, namely:
The culture and education area which includes National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taipei University of Education and professors' residence areas.
The religious area which includes the Wesley Church, Truth Church, Holy Family Church, etc., and Taipei Grand Mosque on Xinsheng S. Rd.
The culture and recreation area which includes the Holiday Jade and Flower Markets, Taipei Municipal Library, antique shops on Jianguo S. Rd., and book stores and galleries on Heping E. Rd. and Jinshan S. Rd.
The Daan Forest Park area which is perfect for recreation as well as cultural, art, and musical activities.
The Department stores area which includes many department stores such as Pacific SOGO, Breeze, MingYao, etc.
The Tunghua Night Market area on Tunghua St. and Linjiang St.
The Yungkang St. area which includes gourmet restaurants, refreshment stands, and other stores.




Out of all the districts in Taipei City, the facilities of Daan is more complete than the others’. Aspects such as transportation, education, culture, and business are developed equally. Under the high development and quality lifestyle, citizens participate in the politics actively, several organizations have also been developed, which create great challenges to the management of the district. However, on the other hand, this also leads us to be closer to the ideal society. As computers and related products change rapidly over time, we examine any information that benefits the district closely in order to satisfy the people.

    To discover the citizens’ desires and fulfill their needs, with active attitudes, we innovate in the following directions:
  1. Create a healthy, safe, and everlasting Daan District
    While fulfilling the idea of “Healthy City” advocated by WHO, we have a goal that is to improve the residents’ health. We hold a series of “Love for Daan” activities, such as mountain hiking, jogging, athletic meet, and artistic and literary activities. We combine the resources of the government and the people in order to encourage the communities and the residents to participate, create a diverse and caring society, and provide the residents a vibrant and healthy life.
  2. Provide a high quality, comfortable, and friendly environment
    We not only continue to beautify, maintain, and plant greenery around the community, but also plan to build a more convenient, comfortable and friendly environment. We expect the parks to be attractive sites for citizens to relax in their leisure time.
  3. Computerize district affairs
    Computerization of the district affairs replaces the complexity of manpower, simplifies the working process, and upgrades the service quality and efficiency. By doing so, we are able to fulfill the vision of “Intelligent City and Premium Life.” With the help of the Internet, we will continue to work on improving the services of the e-government and the computerization of the case processing. Under the principles of safety, convenience, and efficiency, the city residents are provided with the convenient services anytime and anywhere through modern technology.
  4. Take care of the disadvantaged and uncover people’s needs
    To create a high-quality life in Da’an District, we care about all of the residents regardless of their gender, age, wealth, and nationality. We contribute to the improvement of the living quality for each one of the residents. We assist the dropouts to go back to school and receive proper education. We hold the personal growth camps for the foreign spouses to help them adapt to the new culture and life. We visit and care about the 100-year-old senior citizens to display our respect and willingness to serve. We offer resources for domestic or foreign adoptions of children in poverty in order to help them find the value of life.
  5. Provide information, respect public opinions and Enlarge municipal participation
    Other than using various methods to announce municipal messages, the district also broadcasts district news through bulletin boards, newsletters, the Internet, radio stations, and television. We will continue to search for related data in the future and organize into useful information for citizens to digest easily. On the other hand, we also value public opinions that we receive through different methods, striving to serve to the best of our ability.


District Office Overview

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