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Public Facilities

Taipei Artist Village

  • Source: Taipei City Government
  • Date: 2008/11/10

You might have likely passed Taipei Artist Village on Beiping E. Rd. all the time without knowing it’s there. The village is housed in a former city government office building long left unused, standing quiet and unassuming among the forest of nearby government buildings much bigger and more eye-catching, largely hidden from view by a small bamboo grove, passersby nary aware of its earthly existence, an oasis of quiet amid the hubbub, time also passing right on by it with nary a glance.

1. The open studio allows common folk to experience the creative process first-hand and to 

interact with experienced artists. 2. Brazilian visual artist Leda Oliveira interacts with 

visiting students.(Photos courtesy of Taipei Artist Village)In 2001, the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs decided on a renaissance. It specializes in bringing new life to neglected spaces. Dedicated artist villages were inspected in New York, Paris, London, and other big international cities as models, and then the Taipei Artist Village was brought to life. Reflecting this city’s special assets and vitality—the first international artist village in Taiwan—was given a new face for its new mission. In 2004, management responsibility was officially turned over to the Taipei Cultural Foundation, assuring the long-term role of the village as a center for originality, and the TAV’s program of events and activities was broadened to bring local citizens and artists from overseas together for mutual exposure and interchange.

Today 200 artists from 35 countries have set up shops as artists in residence, and nearly 70 artists from Taiwan have gone to similar artist villages in cities around the world to broaden their creative boundaries. Taipei Artist Village has quickly emerged as a pivotal platform for artistic and cultural exchange, for Taipei and indeed for all of Taiwan. It is this island country’s largest artist village, and the only such institution in Taipei currently able to engage in an international-exchange program.

The Taipei and Grass Mountain Artist Villages Serve as an Accelerator for Creative Artistic Energy Bursts

Taipei Artist VillageIn 2008 Grass Mountain Artist Village and Taipei Artist Village jointly launched the bold AIR Taipei (Artists International Residence) project.

Taipei Artist Village (TAV)
Hours: 10:00 – 19:30
Add: 7, Beiping E. Rd.
Tel : (02) 3393-7377
Fax: (02) 3393-7389
Grass Mountain Artist Village
Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 13:00 – 18:00
Add: 92, Hudi Rd.
(beside first parking lot in
Yangmingshan Nat ional
Tel : (02) 2862-2404

The Grass Mountain facility is a quiet and secluded oasis in Yangmingshan National Park, offering four villa-style residences and an outdoor performance stage and serving as an idyllic space for creative inspiration amidst the glories of pristine nature as well as for stimulating interchange with the local people. In the past the emphasis was on building hardware facilities, but in the new current phase, building on seven years of accumulated experience, TAV is emphasizing a more holistic artists-in-residence experience of broadened scope to engender the widest possible range of stimulation. It is also seeking to spawn bursts of blossoming energy and creativity from the broadest garden of inspirational sources.

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  • Source: Taipei City Government